Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ghetto Discrimination?

Melody Morales
Melody Morales says she was rejected for a job at the New York Times Square Hawaiian Tropic Zone , despite her bra size of 34-D --- because she "talks ghetto".

Since this is America, she believes, like advocates of open source book publishing, that she has a right to something she had nothing to do with creating, and is suing.

Morales' lawyer, Derek Smith, said she's seeking $500 a day - or $130,000 a year - for every year she could reasonably be expected to have worked there, plus punitive damages that could potentially total over a million dollars.

 Derek Smith
"It's their arrogance that gets you," said Smith. "They told her, 'Go ahead, sue. We've got the best lawyers in the world."

Arrogance about their own property, can you imagine?

I get the impression she didn't hire a ghetto speaking lawyer to represent her.

According to Smith's website, "Mr. Smith is fluent in English and French."


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  1. I think we all know why this guy took the case. Fluent in French? Holy shit, I give it a year before we hear about their engagement.