Thursday, January 29, 2009

Gloom In Davos

The BBC's Robert Preston reports

The gloom here from business leaders, private-equity specialists, hedgies, bankers, management consultants and economists is deep and unrelenting.

They are immensely pessimistic about the economic outlook and about the ability of governments to lessen the pain.

I'd be tempted to come home immediately and climb under the duvet, except for one thing: when the herd is charging in a particular direction, the herd is normally wrong.

So on the basis that the best time to buy (metaphorically speaking) is when everyone else is selling, just maybe we're near the darkest hour for the global. economy.

Right you are Robert, things may turn positive short-term, courtesy of Ben Bernanke and the World Wide Money Printers. Extremely destructive inflation may be down the road, but traditional government collected datapoints may show pseudo recovery by the second half of 2009, until the inflation and crashing dollar kick in and expose the fraud.

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