Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sabrina Roberts With the Big Question

...and NYC party reporter Matt Harvey was there to record it:

Broke bankers and struggling models mobbed the rooftop of the Empire Hotel last night for the latest installment of Fashion Meets Finance...

The party was billed as a return to the halcyon excesses of 2007, and enough unemployed finance types fished the necessary change from their couch to pony up for a bottle of Absolut. Liz, a 20-something fashionista in a low-cut black cocktail dress, eyed them skeptically and said, 'just look at all the douches in those seats. They're all so broke.' A line-up of seven models was in the DJ booth nodding to anemic dance music. One of them, Sabrina Roberts, a six-foot Afro-Chinese stunner wearing a tiny creme-brulee-colored dress-told me she wasn't giving up on finance dudes. 'One, they're more interesting; and two, can you imagine if everyone was in fashion?' I asked her if she had ever thought of dating so-called normal people. She twirled around, took a sip from her champagne flute and asked happily, 'How do normal people pay for champagne?'

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