Thursday, February 19, 2009 Is Going Open Source

A commenter, Stewart, has brought to my attention that is going Open Source.

Congratulations must be offered to the Institute for following through in a principled manner on the beliefs they hold.

Further, Stewart asked if it has changed my mind on hypocrisy of the Institute. Actually, from these actions, one must say that there has been no hypocrisy on their part at all.

Webster's dictionary defines hypocrisy as, "a feigning to be what one is not." It's clear that the Mises Institute, after the contradiction between their beliefs and their actions was brought to their attention, acted with utmost speed to align their practices with their beliefs.

Stewart also asks, "Do you plan on following through with your promise to publish an edition of Last Knight?" The short answer is yes. However, as it appears that Mises is opening the " complete copy of This includes all the books, all the media, all the journals, all the source code, and the complete database behind" I can see some other properties that I may want to do something with first.

I hasten to add that I continue to see Open Source as a valid marketing strategy versus the basis for a universal intellectual property theory. I continue work on my book which will address this issue and others in detail. I'm sure the debate will liven up at that point again. In the meantime, let's enjoy this new gift the Mises Institute has given us.

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