Sunday, February 1, 2009

Mocking the Prez?

A few days ago President Obama, without mentioning names, shouted out against Wall Street bonuses and million dollar redesigns of executive offices, in these "difficult economic times". Aside from the fact that as a Keynesian, Obama should be hailing aggressive spending, as opposed to speaking out against it, Obama didn't have to mention a name when it came to the million dollar office redo. Everyone knew he was talking about former Merrill Lynch CEO John Thain.

Thain sounds like he is having some fun with the President's jab. NyPo's Page Six reports that Thain (who his worth hundreds of millions)...
was having dinner at San Pietro last week with BlackRock Chairman Larry Fink. He loudly told the waiter, for all to hear, "under the circumstances with this tough economy, I think I'll have tap water."
Mock surrender of personal sacrifce for the "greater good", I like the plan. Please pass the tap water.

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  1. Yeah, sarcasm by the elite worked well in revolutionary France.