Friday, February 27, 2009

OMB Director Self-Described "Economic Centrist"

Office of Management and Budget Director Peter Orszag describes himself as an "economic centrist" .

Here's what "centrist" Orszag has done in his roughly one month on the job:

According to Wapo, he's "a political dealmaker instrumental in negotiations over passing Obama's economic recovery plan." That is, a "stimulus" package that is nothing but pork delivered to Obama's favored people and pet projects. There is no such thing as a "stimulus" package that will help the economy.

"He has unveiled a $3.6 trillion budget and convened a "fiscal responsibility" summit ...," according to WaPo. How do you put $3.6 trillion budget and fiscal responsibility in the same sentence?

He is also expected to play a leading role in efforts to reform the nation's health-care system--which will put healthcare completely in the hands of government regulators and ruin healthcare in America.

I am really trying to picture who could possibly be to the left of this "centrist". Only a couple of people come to mind.

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