Saturday, February 7, 2009

An Open Letter to Jeffrey A. Tucker

Dear Mr. Tucker,

Please know that I am writing this letter to you as an "Open" letter and will be publishing a copy of it at EPJ. Likewise, should you choose to respond, and unless you stipulate otherwise, I may publish all or portions of your reply, at EPJ.

I note that you have now granted permission to everyone to republish one article you have written. You write:

One last note: do not write me with some smarty pants remark about how, if we are serious, the Mises Institute should allow anyone to publish our books. All our new works, insofar as it is possible, will be published with a Creative Commons license as a matter of signed contract with authors. As for this article, please "steal" it. That goes for anything I write. If you can sell it and make a buck, good for you. If you become a millionaire, shame on me for not thinking of it first.

Given your views on intellectual property, could you please extend this permission to all of your writings at LRC.

Further, I am interested in publishing, from time to time, in various formats, selected articles identified at as "Daily Articles". Could you please verify that given your beliefs on intellectual property that I have irrevocable permission to do so.

Further, if there is some reason that this permission can not be granted, could you be so kind to provide the reasoning behind the failure by to meet your own standards of belief in this matter.

Thank you.

Sincerely yours,

Robert Wenzel

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  1. I hope the Mises Institute allows any and everyone to post their daily articles. The more people who encounter sound economic ideas the better.

    The Catholic Church works through donations and tithing. Why can't an educational institution?