Tuesday, February 10, 2009

This Should Be Interesting...

Word on the street is that Hillary Clinton's economic team at the State Department is up and running.


  1. I am from English so I dont understand American politics that much.

    Is the economy and economic policy part of the Secretary of State's remit then? Or is that the point you are making : it isn't and she seems to be setting up her own camp in (potential) conflict with Obama?

    Sorry to be thick.

  2. The economy and economic policy have never before played a significant public role at the State Department.

    Earlier this year, news leaked that Hillary wanted a strong economic team at State. She now has it. What she does with it will be interesting.

    One would think she would use it to deal with international affairs, rather than domestic. But,this is Hillary.

  3. Hillary is a politican. Therefore she will attempt to aquire whatever powers and influence she can by any means available.

    Common sense, tradation, loyalty etc. are just obstacles to overcome, and for them crisis is very much opportunity. Still, I prefer infighting when their only common cause is to steal from us.