Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Alert: Geithner Speaks in NYC

Secretary Geithner will attend a breakfast hosted by the Partnership for New York City – a nonprofit membership organization comprised of two hundred CEOs from New York City’s top corporate, investment and entrepreneurial firms.

At 9:15 am, Geithner will speak at the Council on Foreign Relations. Following brief remarks, Secretary Geithner will participate in a question and answer session.


  1. Are these talks going to be pen and paper only? Check your iPhone at the door?

  2. Oh Bob,

    I have to update you in the subtleties of reporting. This is not a "press conference" so reporters are banned from asking questions. It's Q&A from the audience where you likely have a moderator who has the questions written down from the audience on index cards and he picks and chooses which questions to ask. Geithner would be glad to field questions all day with this set up even if it is being streamed live over CNN, given Geithner usually brings along the moderators last tax return, and there's a big yellow stickie on the front that says, Audit, yes or no with a big question market.

    At FFI, I tried to ask Prime Minister Rudd a question and the WSJ staff nearly tackled me.