Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Czech President Klaus: "Fighting for Freedom and Free Markets... Remains the Task of the Day"

Czech President Vaclav Klaus beyond question is currently the top torch bearer, among high profile international government officials, for freedom and free markets.

In a speech at Columbia University in New York, he said he never expected to see such extensive government intervention again in his lifetime as he now sees around the world, Reuters reports.

"I am therefore convinced that fighting for freedom and free markets, something we always appreciated here in this country (the United States), remains the task of the day," Klaus said.

Speaking as though he understands fully how the economy really works, he said massive government spending and tighter regulation would prolong the recession.

"The best thing to do right now would be to temporarily weaken, if not repeal," business regulations on labor, the environment, social issues and health, he said.

The shock that these suggestions will cause among many is a clear example of how far down the path of a regulated economy we have traveled, and why it is so important that men such as Klaus speak truth to the world.

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