Friday, March 6, 2009

The Mysterious AIG Sinkhole

So where are all the AIG bailout billions going? Who knows? The Fed and Treasury won't tell anybody.

Here's Senator Jim Bunning bringing up , at a Senate Banking Committee hearing, to Fed Vice Chairman Donald Kohn about one $170/$180 billion chunk:

We have put in approximately $170 billion to $180 billion into one corporation. And you are telling us that the counterparties that got par for their bonds, or for whatever — the American taxpayer shouldn’t know who they are. And then you may come back to us and and ask for more money for more banks and more corporations.

Rep. Paul Kanjorski seems to think a chunk went to European banks:

One of the reasons we had to rescue AIG was the fact that it was going to bring down Europe...That's why we could not allow AIG to fail as we allowed Lehman (Brothers) to fail, because that would have precipitated the failure of the European banking system...
Sounds like Ron Paul's call to audit the Fed could not come a day too soon.

In total, bailout money given to AIG now equals $180 billon. The ultimate counterparties that have recieved the funds remain secret.

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