Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Strongest Banks and Thrifts in the U.S.

I ran into Martin Weiss at FFI and I reminded him that he owed me a list of the safest banks in the country. True to his word, he sent along a link, and wrote me:

If you click on it will take you to our report for consumers on safe investing during the banking crisis.

Then, if you scroll down to the Contents page, just click on item #13, "The Strongest Banks and Thrifts in the U.S." This list has a cut-off point in terms of size. So the tiny institutions are not included. If you would like those as well, please let me know.
The banks he has listed with an A+ rating are:

Bank of Commerce Idaho Falls ID
Broadway NB San Antonio TX
City NB of Florida Miami FL
Rosedale FS&LA Baltimore MD
Sumitomo Tr & Bkg Co USA Hoboken NJ


  1. Any Weiss bokks you would recommend?

  2. All his books are solid, but I would wait for the one that is going to be released in April. It's a winner. I"ll review it, once it is out.