Monday, March 23, 2009

Update on Posting for the Remainder of Today and Tomorrow

I am about to head over to The Future of Finance Initiative.

Lap tops are not allowed at most of the events, so my posting is likely to be more sporadic than usual. The Wall Street Journal will provide computers in the press room, but that means I will have to be in the press room rather than where the action is. Rest assured, I will eventually post on whatever I see and hear.

The most up to date way for me to post immediate news will be through Twitter. There are three ways to get access to my Twitter comments. On the right column of EPJ, my five most recent Twitter comments are listed.

To follow all my comments that I make on Twitter you can go to this page.

And to follow my Twitter comments over your cellphone, you can also sign up here, there's no charge.

I'm off.

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