Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Will Obama Get Re-Elected?

I think it is much too early to tell.

However, it appears that the economy will be in some kind of inflationary wreck by the time of the next election, but don't think this is necessarily a re-election stopper. As Bob Murphy reminds us:

Yes, the economy will be in the tank, but if [Obama] can casually and persuasively explain his programs are the way to counteract leveraged debt financing, speculation, inflated house prices, and out of control government deficits, then he will be able to convince voters he is part of the solution in 2012.Remember kids, FDR won four elections. And things weren't exactly rosy on his watch.

Bob thinks Obama will be back for another four. Money manager Nick, who seems to have a knack for getting these things right, also thinks Obama has a shot. I still think it is much too early to tell, but these two guys don't make a lot of mistakes.

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