Sunday, April 5, 2009

Frequently Asked Questions

In addition to regular readers, many visit EPJ as a result of Google searches.

I receive a daily report via Google Analytics as to what words and phrases result in people visiting EPJ. Most of the searches are for words and phrases that you would expect, Geithner, Madoff, safe banks and Obama economics are always near the top of the list.

But there are two phrases that are searched on a daily basis that bring people to EPJ that just surprise me.

One is various versions of the search, "How do you pronounce Paul Krugman's name" .

Who would think there is that much interest in the pronunciation of Krugman's name that 3 to 5 people daily arrive at EPJ looking for the answer?

For the record, the pronunciation is krewgh munh.

The other search that has me baffled is, "Will Ron Paul replace Geithner as Treasury Secretary". Amazingly, two or three visitors arrive daily at EPJ searching for the answer to this question. I have no idea how people get the idea that Paul is going to replace Geithner at Treasury, but for those of you searching for the answer to this question, I would like to first give you this advice: Whatever your source for thinking this may occur, lose the source. Whether it is an internet site, some kind of underground magazine or a radio show, the source is not based in reality. Ron Paul has a better chance of becoming a starting pitcher for the Boston Red Sox than he does of being nominated Treasury Secretary by President Obama.


  1. The other search that has me baffled is, "Will Ron Paul replace Geithner as Treasury Secretary".

    Maybe you're misreading the question. Maybe they think Ron Paul will take over, and then they're wondering, "Once he's in power, will Ron Paul replace Geithner?"

  2. My favourite is "Paul Krugman is a douche-bag". The explanation for me is rather simple though, since I wrote 6 or 7 posts titled "Paul Krugman is a douche-bag". Interesting how many people make that search, however :)