Monday, April 27, 2009

How To Survive Obama Healthcare

Obama healthcare is coming. It will be more expensive (despite the propaganda) and of much poorer quality, than the semi-free market we now have. It will be very invasive of your privacy and will limit your care options. This is what happens with all bureaucratic agencies. It is in the nature of the beast, and a beast is exactly what it will be. The less you have to do with it the better.

I write about this future negative Obama healthcare plan with a certain lightness to my spirit, since I have just read a fascinating column on healthcare, written by Lila Rajiva.

The column is about living without health insurance. It is generally aimed at those on a tight budget. However, as I read the column, I saw one piece of advice after another that struck me as being a very useful methods that could be employed as alternatives to any future Obama healthcare program.

Upon reading it a second time, I am convinced that everything she has written in the article offers important options to what will be Obama healthcare.

I have never written this about an article before, but Rajiva's article should be read and thought about in relation to your health, often. It should be saved on your computer and a hard copy should be printed out. There's a lot of wisdom packed into the article. Read the copy you have printed out, once a month, to see how well you are keeping up with structuring your own healthy life, as opposed to relying on Obama.

And then when the Obama health care babble starts, you will have a health care program of your own that will keep you healthy and keep you free of Obama healthcare socialism.

Legal Disclaimer:The author of the following article,Lila Rajiva, is not a medical or legal expert. Nothing in the article should be construed as medical or legal or professional advice of any kind. Readers should consult their own physician and attorney before making a decision about their insurance, or about self-medicating, or about using any alternative therapy mentioned in the article.Neither the author or the publisher is in anyway responsible for any physical, mental, emotional, financial, or any other harm or injury that might come to anyone from following anything written in this article, or any recommendation arising from it, in this country or any other, now or at any time in the future.

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  1. Another good idea if you have a diagnosed condition is to register with Google Alerts. Of course the internet should not be your primary source of medical advice but it can help educate you on conditions and help you become a more informed consumer. Knowing what questions to ask makes a difference.