Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Huh, Not Only Is Brad DeLong a Weak Economist, He Is Not a Very Good Businessman

DeLong points to a WSJ story by Mark Penn that states that a blogger that has traffic of 100,000 unique monthly visitors will generate about $75,000 a year in income. That sounds a bit ambitious, but not completely out of the ball park. $60,000 would be more reasonable. But, Delong questions all of this and reveals:

Ummmm... I get about a million page views a month all in all--which I think translates into about 100,000 unique visitors--and I make $3,000 a year off the weblog. It's a play in the intellectual influence game, a sounding board, a clippings file, and a loss leader
In his usual arrogant, thumb up his ass, manner, DeLong then adds:
The fact that Mark Penn is out without a keeper amazes me.

The fact that the Wall Street Journal is out without a keeper amazes me.
Actually, the fact that DeLong is earning only $3,000 a year on 12 million of page views, is an ROFL moment.

I just took a look at DeLong's site for all of 30 seconds and spotted at least a half dozen advertising mistakes he is making. Within 24 hours, I could have DeLong's site earning $60,000 a year.

Now, we will have to see how big this guy's ego is. Will he contact someone to fix his site so it generates revenue, and thus prove his analysis wrong? Or will he continue to pour out his observations for $3,000 a year.

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