Saturday, April 4, 2009

It's Time for Ron Paul to Act

There's some disturbing news out of Missouri.

Steve Bierfeldt, a Ron Paul supporter, was travelling through the Missouri airport. He was detained and questioned because he was carrying approximately $4700 on him and refused to tell the TSA why he had the funds on him, how he obtained the funds and what he was going to do with the funds.

Bierfeldt managed to tape record the majority of the interrogation.

Andrew Napolitano on his new FOX show does a great job reporting the story with excerpts from the Bierfeldt tape (below). Now my concern is that they were about to take Bierfeldt to a police station for further questioning where the possibility of him being searched could not be ruled out. What if one of the agents found him taping the questioning? Listen to the tape, do you think the agents would have let that tape see the light of day?

Some time back I wrote an Open Letter to Ron Paul calling on him to begin work on what I call "Liberty Bills", a sort of modern day update to the Bill of Rights.

The Bierfeldt incident should be used as a rallying point for the "Liberty Bills", which should include the right of any citizen (or standby witness)to audio or video record any encounters with police, and make it illegal for law enforcement to tamper with the taping, to confiscate or to destroy such tapes.

As John Stossell asks during the Napalitano show, "What's the TSA doing asking Bierfeldt about the money he has with him?" He obviously isn't going to blow up a plane or take the plane over with $4,700 in cash. Every reasonable citizen should now recognize the need for the "Liberty Bills" to put a genuine halt to government growing out of control.

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