Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Bernanke as an Austrian Economist, Luskin as a Con Man

Today's posts brought out the heavy hitters, with deep analysis.

Jeff Harding emailed me to point to an article he wrote this morning for The Daily Capitalist. His email was in response to my post earlier today commenting on Bernanke sounding like an Austrian economist, i.e. Hayek and Mises.

Harding picked up the same exact theme. What's more, I simply commented on the snippet that appeared in WSJ. Harding has a much longer quote taken from the speech itself, which suggests that Bernanke may really be having second thoughts about whether he can actually forecast the economy and manage the money supply correctly. Harding's piece is well worth reading for you deep Austrian followers in the crowd.

Stefan Karlsson also weighed in today with a comment at my post on Donald Luskin calling William Anderson a thin-skinned idiot Austrian Mafia capo.

Karlsson did a little digging and found that Luskin took a quote about Peter Schiff out of context.

Karlsson then puts the quote back in context, on his blog, and writes:

Would anyone interested in being honest and sincere to his readers really have viewed these following sentences as being irrelevant? I think not, confirming again that Luskin is nothing but a con artist.

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