Saturday, May 30, 2009

Former GE Chairman Jack Welch Has the Twitter Bug

NYT's Joe Nocrea writes:

So I’m at the Red Sox-Mets game at Fenway Park on Friday night, and who do I bump into but fellow Red Sox fanatic Jack Welch, and his wife Suzy, author (most recently) of “10-10-10.” Jack, who is 73, turns out to be a big-time Twitterer. “It’s great,” he rasps at me when I express my skepticism at the value of Twitter. “Instant feedback. I love it.” Then he pulls out his BlackBerry, and starts to tweet:

“In suite with NYT star business columnist Joe Nocera. He wrote about Ford today. Any questions for Joe?” And boy were there ever. Within seconds, the questions were pouring in, which Suzy later e-mailed me so I could write a blog about them. “Blogging,” laughed Jack. “You’re so old-fashioned.” Yes, I am.
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