Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Great Murray Rothbard via Youtube

Over at LRC, Tom Woods posts the below youtube of a lecture on the Founding of the Federal Reserve, given by the great economist Murray Rothbard. The lecture is just over an hour. If you have never heard a Rothbard lecture before, I urge you to set aside an hour to listen to this one. You are in for a treat. Of course, if you have heard Rothbard before, I don't have to tell you to set aside the time. You'll probably start the hour right now.

1 comment:

  1. So, I just finished listening to this (had it running in background while doing other work) and the last questioner was great... it would be so awesome to amend to the end of this video a blackout with the caption "Little did they know the future would be so dark..." and then flashing onto the screen are clips of CNBC, stock market tickers, headlines from the last year, with one of those Gregorian chant type of horror/medieval combat film theme songs, "Haa-haa-hoooo! Hoo-oooo-hoooo-haaaaaaaaaa-heoooooooooooo!" as the viewer gets the impression they're witnessing an epic struggle for survival...

    Yes, my onomatopoeia sound effects might be off, but we seem to have reached that "upper bound" either way...