Thursday, June 11, 2009

Business Groups Dare Obama to Limit Pay for Union Bosses

The Workforce Fairness Institute, which has lobbied heavily for the defeat of the Employee Free Choice Act to ease organization rules for labor unions, points to a 2008 Hudson Institute study that suggests unions have short-changed benefits for their rank and file in favor or generous executive compensation packages and to pad the coffers of their political allies, who are mostly Democrats.

“Given that union bosses’ job performances have yet to be scrutinized despite numerous, credible reports that they have engaged in ‘creative accounting’ and have mismanaged and underfunded worker pension plans, while wholly funding their own, is deplorable,” said Katie Packer, executive director of the Workforce Fairness Institute.
The problem with this "dare" is that even if labor unions are put under the same oversight, this will all be handled by "consultants" who know that the government is really buttering the bread. Like the bailout where some went down, e.g., Bear Stearns and Lehman, and others prospered, e.g. Goldman Sachs, the oversight will be a rigged game.


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