Saturday, June 20, 2009

How To Leave America

Let's hope it doesn't come down to this. but following a number of blog posts detailing the socialist trends in the United States, a number of commenters and emailers asked where might be an alternate place to live.

As I replied to a couple of commenters, where to move to is a personal decision based upon your personal tastes, desires and life style. There is no one particular alternate country that would make sense for everyone. Lila Rajiva details some of the questions that you need to ask when considering making a move, in a column at LRC.

In replies to commenters here at EPJ, I wrote that there is no danger at present that would require you to pack up and leave immediately in haste. It might be a different story in, say, five years. Right now you have time to think out options and to visit various locations. It is a time for exploration.


  1. ok, it looks bad out there. but this is your home, fight for it. fight!

  2. Yeah, I'm with Willmoore. They pry my citizenship out of my cold, dead capitalist hands.

    This aggression shall not stand unopposed.

  3. Wenzel,

    Excuse me but how do we all have 5 years to take our time planning an escape when you keep posting about imminent bond market collapse?

    Or do you expect life to go on as usual when the US fed govt defaults on its debt because it can't roll it over in the illiquid bond markets?

    Confused by this post... seems like can-kickery.

  4. @Taylor

    It is impossible to put an exact time frame on when things might become so oppressive that it will make sense to leave.

    It will be different times for different people. A surfer dude who is only interested in very high waves may be able to last out a lot of overall oppression. For a financier who is doing deals with small companies, it may make sense to leave now.

    A doctor who is truly interested in giving his patients the best medical treatment may want to leave in a year.

    The bond market collapsing (meaning much higher rates) won't be the signal for all--especially if you live out in the country.

    It's really a case by case basis.

    My use of five years is simply to signal that no one has to panic leave today, but it is not a problem that is way off in the unforeseeable future.

  5. I want out of the U.S. soo bad, but where to go?

    The damned fascists are upset about the poor, so they plan to destroy the country. Just Google:

    Mexican Swine Flu Outbreak 2009: SPECIAL REPORT by Dr Leonard Horowitz



  6. Capitalism is a vile swine. IT must die.

  7. No need to worry about Socialist. We have to worry about Feudalism. Corporate America just bought our politicians.

  8. America sucks I want to leave.

  9. This is a vile nation of people who participate in corporate theft, and murder. I only hope another nation or nations bring you the justice you so deserve. You are a nation of harlots and criminals.