Friday, June 12, 2009

Japan Probes Report Two Seized with $135 Billion in Undeclared Bonds

It's hard to comment on this story until further facts come out.

But, I do have questions?

Are the bonds real? Can they be connected to the Japanese government? Was this an attempt by Japan's central bank to off load Treasury securities? Switzerland still tends to be lax about money coming into the country. Thus, bearer bonds shouldn't be difficult to bring across the border. Were border agents tipped off? If so, who tipped them off and why?


  1. Maybe the Japanese businessmen read your Fascialism post. Or they work for UBS.

  2. ...and of course, the important question, "Where is the 250th Certificate?..."


  3. Please don't let that fall through the cracks. You're right: If those things are real, it opens up a huge number of questions.

  4. $135 BILLION?

    And all we get is a little Bloomberg Note?

    Where are the days when $1 million was considered a lot of dough?