Saturday, June 13, 2009

Russian Oligarchs versus American Oligarchs

American oligarch David Rubenstein still has a way to go best Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich. Maybe the bank grab will do it.

But for now, Abramovich has a solid lead. His most recent extravagance is a new yacht that comes with features that include two heli-pads, a pool, a mini-submarine and a missile-detection system.

It also has armour-plating around Abramovich's master suite and bullet-proof windows.

Abramovich began his business career selling plastic ducks.

This is his fourth yacht. He uses each yacht for very specific purposes, according to UK's Daily Mail.

Originally built for a Saudi sheikh, the Pelorus is used for entertaining and has room for 22 guests and 40 staff. It has two helipads, an indoor pool and a steam room.

He uses the Ecstasea, which comes complete with Chinese-themed interior, for cruising and the Sussuro for short journeys and to loan to friends.


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