Thursday, June 4, 2009

Sotomayor's Financial Records Released

Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor released her responses to the questionnaire(pdf) from the U.S Senate, today. The responses show that most of her limited private legal work was done in the field of patent and copyright protection, particularly for Italian accessory and ready to wear fashion house, Fendi.

Her financial records indicate she owns no stocks, no mutual funds, not even a share in a money market fund.

She has $31,985 in cash and bank accounts, but has $15,823 in credit card bills and she owes her dentist approximately $15,000. She lists $5,752 in other bills due.

On the asset side, she also owns real estate valued at $1,017,500 ($997,000 is the value of her personal residence and $20,000 is a one-third interest in a condominium). She has a mortgage on her residence of $381,775. She lists autos and other personal assets valued at $108,918.

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  1. where is all the money? she's been working(with degree from princeton and JD from yale) for 30 years now. Either she is extremely bad at money management or she is extremely good at ______________.