Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Wen and Geithner Make Public Small Talk

From pool reporter David Barboza, Shanghai Correspondent to The New York Times:

Treasury Secretary Timothy F. Geithner met Premier Wen Jiabao at the Purple Light Pavilion inside the Zhong Nanhai Leadership Compound in Beijing on Tuesday June 2. The meeting began at 3:18 pm.

Among those present for the Chinese was vice premier Wang Qishan.

Wen Jiabao spoke first. [Reporter Barboza note: Please do not take this as a complete and precise transcript of the opening addresses. A few lines did not come
through to me]

Wen: "Secretary Geithner it's a great pleasure to meet you again. I still remember our first meeting in New York. At that time the financial crisis was quite strong. And I remember you were the first to speak. And you said we need to adopt swift measures. And several months after that you assumed the post of treasury secretary. And you're making your first trip to China. I welcome you to China."

Geithner: "Premier Wen it is a pleasure to be here. I first came to Beijing over 30 years ago as a student. At the time we met in New York it was a time of great panic. But we are happy to see small signs of recovery. This is an example of what our two countries can do when we act together."

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  1. Can we take that last bit to imply that US politicians and government officials are making policy in concert with their Chinese counter-parts?

    In other words, this recovery is a Sino-American effort of mutual reciprocity?

    What do the Chinese know and when did they know it?