Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Barack Obama's Summer Vacation Plans

The word in Boston is that President Obama plans to vacation on the island of Martha's Vineyard, which is part of Massachusetts, in late August.

Oprah is trying to rent something for two weeks during the same time in the same neighborhood.


  1. what r u implying wenzel ? :))

    i am totally disappointed in obama, i thought we would see some "change". From his team (clinton, and most of the staff from clinton years) selection to economic policies with no focus on transperacy/accountability to rhetoric on health care.

    how is he different from sarah palin? She probably would have just depended on the "team"/"staff" to set the policies with status-quo as he is currently doing.

    where is my "change" pill? I guess i will take the "inspiration-busllshit"/"preaching" pill for now.

  2. Wenzel,

    How can Obama think of vacationing at a time like this? There are all kinds of rights that won't get violated while he takes a break from tyranny to sun-bathe (? heard it's nothing but rain in MA last few weeks) on MV.

    Someone has to pay for these liberties... freedom isn't free!