Monday, July 20, 2009

Behind "The Public Option"

I'm still in Boston, and was handed a flyer in the downtown area near Boston Common. The flyer announces a rally Thursday that will be held to support a "public option" for Obama's healthcare program. Of course, in my view, the public option will lead to the killing off of the old and holding back of care for quadriplegics, for starters.

As Peter Schiff speculates:

My guess is that the government provider will mis-price its policies on the low side, pushing employers to dump private sector insurance for the taxpayer-subsidized alternative. Such a system will further distort health care pricing and, ultimately, make a bad situation intolerable.
Of note is that the rally is being sponsored pretty much by union groups. The flyer lists the sponsors as:

The Greater Boston Labor Council
North Shore Labor Council AFL-CIO
Boston Building Trades Council
SEIU Massachusetts State Council
United Electrical Workers Northwest Region
AFT Massachusetts
Jobs With Justice

As PEU report has alluded to in a comment and as von Pepe notes in a comment, part of what is going on is union building:

I am convinced that the main goal here is to unionize the healthcare workers (most government employees are union e.g. police, fire, teachers, auto, etc.)

The real goal is dependency and voting blocks to consolidate his power.

Disgusting anti-capatalist mentality
.That is clearly part of it. It also dovetails with Obama's view of himself as the great leader that will fix healthcare by liberally sprinkling in socialism. What an interventionist mess.

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