Friday, July 31, 2009

Bill Kristol as a Fraud, Part 2

I blogged earlier this week on neo-conservative Bill Kristol's apparent lack of understanding of basic economics, which was exposed during his appearance with Jon Stewart.

His only refuge was some babbling about the superior quality of health care received by the military. USA Today has a column which points to the current poor quality of healthcare in the Army, which blows up Kristol 's only counterpoint against Stewart:

The number of Army medical centers and clinics that provide timely access to routine medical care has hit a five-year low, Army records show, often forcing soldiers and their families to seek treatment off base.

About 16% of Army patients, particularly family members, can't get appointments with their primary physicians and are sent to doctors off the installation, according to the results of a nine-month Army review finished late last year. Some of those patients end up in emergency rooms or urgent care centers, says the study, which the Army provided to USA TODAY.

Bottom line, Kristol is an intellectual fraud.

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  1. Yeah I can totally understand why leftists think anyone against health care "reform" is a right-wing hatchet man. Kristol clearly was trying to win the argument on Stewart's show; he wasn't trying to discover the truth.