Thursday, July 16, 2009

Keep An Eye on Those Oligarch Philanthropists

PEU Report advises:

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton indicated change in her foreign policy speech. The U.S. will:

"seek to deliver results by reaching out beyond governments to private groups and individuals."
Private groups and individuals. If campaign donors get an Ambassadorship, can they get State Department money? Now, who has a foundation or are big donors? Pete Peterson, Bill Clinton, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Mike Bloomberg, George Soros and Oprah Winfrey. Funny, The richest people in America recently conferenced on philanthropy.

Rumor has it the big money boys will be able to name their project and get matching taxpayer dollars. How much will go to former or current private equity underwriters (PEU's)? How might they steer public funds to affiliates? Who knew the Government-Industrial Monstrosity, Eisenhower's MIC on steroids, had a philanthropic side.

Read the full report here.


  1. So much money,

    So little time....

  2. Why do you think the Russkies kicked out Soros and Co.?