Monday, July 27, 2009

Spitzer Spits Out an Endorsement of Ron Paul's Audit the Fed Bill

The below video is a hoot. Dale Ratigan tries to explain how the Fed ripped off taxpayers. He seems to think taxpayer money was used and doesn't realize the Fed can just print money.

Eliot Spitzer, at the core still a big government type, sees all kinds of roles for government in resolving the financial crisis.

Note that in this clip, Spitzer pretty much comes out and calls for the Fed audit that Ron Paul's bill would require, but Spitzer manages to avoid Paul's name as though it was the name of some $20 an hour hooker.

Spitzer, of course, would never get caught with such low scale action. No, he paid $5,000 for the services of Audrey "Kristen" Dupree.

Since he knows that it was Wall Street elements that busted his romps in the sack with Dupree, and her ilk, Spitzer will do anything he can to harass Wall Street. Because of his bust, he likely has plenty of time on his hands to do so, since he is not getting any more action from Dupree and it is unlikely he is getting any at home.

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  1. Don’t let Bernanke get away with his attempt to destroy Ron Paul’s campaign to audit the Fed.

    Join 5,500 plus outraged Americans and sign, comment and promote the Abolish the Federal Reserve Petition to show your displeasure at the real estate and financial meltdown caused to a large degree by easy money policies of Greenspan and the Fed.