Thursday, July 16, 2009

Stolen Twitter Documents

Someone hacked into the computers at Twitter and gained access to a slew of internal documents.

The documents include employment agreements, calendars of the founders, new employee interview schedules, phone logs and bills, alarm settings, a financial forecast, a pitch for a Twitter TV show, confidentiality agreements with companies such as AOL, Dell, Ericsson, and Nokia, a list of employee dietary restrictions, credit card numbers, Paypal and Gmail screen shots, and much more.

The documents were shipped via email to TechCrunch. What TechCrunch has chosen to publish of the documents is here.


  1. "Defensive Strategy: The company also considered how best to defend against Facebook. “Make sure people are happy” is at the top of the list, followed by “cult” and “get more and better developers.” Doing a better job and getting “twitter everywhere” seems to be its best defense."

    Note that, "Have lunch with tech czar and request intimidating call to Facebook" is not on the list, nor is, "Conspire to cut off Facebook VC funding." Also, they want to have a "happiness committee" consisting of 8-10 people that figure out how to make employees happy. Doesn't money make people happy? Clearly, Twitter has a lot of growing up to do.

  2. @ NoAxe,

    The happy committee is just training for the job at Treasury.

    Or else this is a great PR stunt for Twitter