Monday, July 6, 2009

What to Say to the Famous

Gary North has an interesting column discussing what he should have said to Meryl Streep, the time he found himself in line with her.

I have had a few celebrity encounters.

When Shaquille O'Neal was still with the Los Angeles Lakers and word was just getting out that he was feuding with Kobe Bryant, he showed up at a table I was at, I said to him, "How come you don't throw the ball to Kobe more often?' In a stage whisper, he replied, "F*##k Kobe".

Before I realized it was her, she just seemed like a woman in a hurry, I let Senator Barbara Boxer move in front of me at LAX airport. Later when I passed by her, she waved and said thank you. I said to her, "Let's work on keeping taxes down". She replied, "Your taxes."

In Las Vegas, I was recruited by two tourist girls to take a picture of them with Michael Jackson (It was a Sunday morning, the only time I imagine Jackson could have been out in public without getting mobbed.) After I took the picture, I was about to leave when Jackson asked me in a very polite manner where was I from and what I did.

I had a long conversation once with Annabella Lwin of Bow Wow Wow, without having a clue as to who she was or what Bow Wow Wow was, until somebody filled me in much later.

In bars, I have talked to lots of sports guys, Mike Ditka, Michael Jordan, Kevin Kennedy, Tommy LaSorda, Mike Fratello...and girlfriends of sports guys:)

In NYC and LA, you can often see celebs on the street. I generally just nod. I've seen many. Rodney Dangerfield, Michael Douglas, Madonna, Pamela Anderson (Checking me out!), Mike Wallace, Morley Safer and Dennis Franz.

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