Tuesday, July 21, 2009

WSJ Fronts Ron Paul's Battle With the Fed

Wow, it's clear Ron Paul can no longer be ignored by MSM. WSJ gives him front page coverage of his battle against the Federal Reserve. Of course, this being the establishment WSJ, they do have to take a bizarre pot shot at Paul, and in paragraph 3 of a more than 50 paragraph story mention Sacha Baron Cohen's juvenile prank on Paul in the film , Bruno, as though Cohen is looked to by anyone for his opinion on anything. Paragraph 3!

Only WSJ could take Bruno seriously, when at the same time they completely ignore what appears to be possible insider trading in Congress.

After posting the suspicious trading story at EPJ and previously having had correspondence with WSJ reporter Kelly Evans, I sent her details on what sure looks like Congressional insider trading to me. She ignored the email.

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