Wednesday, August 5, 2009

5 Reasons Why Obama Will Hike Middle-Class Taxes

James Pethokoukis has put together the following list:

1) Obama knows the budget math doesn’t work.

2) Obama seems to prefer tax hikes to spending cuts.

3) Obama has already tried raising taxes.

4) Obama’s advisers are for higher taxes.

5) Obama doesn’t seem to think high taxes are harmful.

Bottom line, Obama is an egalitarian who believes that to be a upstanding member of your community, you need to turn more and more of your money over to him, so that he can disperse it to unions, Goldman Sachs and the ever expanding government bureaucracy.


  1. First the Bush treatment, now Obama is in the ring - kind of like the one-two punch...I'll try to be standing in the last round.

  2. whether hikes come in term 1 or term 2 depend on the strength of the elephants in the ring in late '10 and '11-12. The stronger the Republican, the less likely he'll be to raise taxes before the election.

    Also the CBO shows a shrinking deficit to only 50% worse than Bush numbers by 2012, so Obama can still claim to be "shrinking the 'Bush' deficits" while increasing spending. As the CBO estimated deficits start rising in '13 so that's when it'll be politically safer to raise taxes.

    The winner of the '16 election will face a wretched economy and even worse balance sheet. If only elected officials had more appreciation for Hayek...

  3. Obama is a stateist. He truly believes that govt is the answer rather than the problem. They know what's best for us. This deluded thinking permiates D.C. The taxpayer is tapped out. Our backs are against the wall. We will all draw our line in the sand. We are real close...

  4. obombaton needs to figure out that you don't get much blood out of a turnip, and raping the middle class moreso than they already are being raped by the devastated economy which was purposely destroyed to transfer massive wealth from the middle class, to the going to cause something to give.

    if I were the Obombaton, I'd be waking the fuck up to the fact that every day of joblessness, every day of massive and unchecked loss of manufacturing jobs overseas, every day of massive mortgage foreclosures, and massive amounts of people being put into the street, spells one word:

    R E V O L U T I O N

    that's right. the rubber band is just about ready to snap. pushing further into that territory with more tax hikes, is like the bush bastard saying; "BRING IT ON"..

    well, Obombaton, you're bringing it on, aren't you???? arent you??

    what a feckless turd puppet you are, Obombaton....doing exactly what your ROTHSCHILDS handlers want you to do, you BILDERBERGER BLOWING marionette bastard!