Friday, August 28, 2009

The Bear Trap....

Appears to luring in most of the investment newsletter industry. These guys are mostly trend followers. If something occurs for more than two days in a row, to them it is a major trend.

The proportion of bearish newsletter writers dropped to 19.8 % in the week ended yesterday from 23.1 percent in the period that ended Aug. 18, according to a report by Investors Intelligence. This means 80% of the investment newsletter industry is advising investors to buy, during a period when Bernanke isn't printing any money! Amazing.


  1. Who cares about money-supply? The fundamentals are strong and the future is bright for the American, nay, the world economy!

    Sally forth heroic investors, sally forth, and seize this day for god and glory!

  2. As we can see from March investor sententiment can be a great way to predict the market. Provided you're going against it.