Saturday, August 15, 2009

Glenn Beck Exposes Rahm Emanuel

Wow, Glenn Beck goes after President Obama's chief of staff. How long will he remain on the air?

There are important new links in Beck's story to the Obama elite and who they are.

Also, notice former Democratic pollster Pat Caddell at Beck's side. Welcome to the fight, Pat.


  1. How long will Beck remain on the air?
    You only need search the Internet for stories of how the group founded by current White House czar Van Jones, has been pressuring sponsors to withdraw their ads from Beck's program.
    Does this qualify as White House intimidation?

  2. Rahm Emanuel, Jim Johnson...don't forget Ken Duberstein. Not only did he serve on the Fannie Mae board through 2007, his regulatory consulting firm received over $1.8 million to keep the regulatory wolves at bay.

    As Beck and his guest said, both the red and blue teams are dirty. It seems the Chief of Staff position opens numerous opportunities.

  3. Don't forget about Rahm's recent dinner with Carlyle Group co-founder David Rubenstein at the Blue Duck Tavern. Carlyle has another poltically connected employee in its financial sector. In addition to Quarles and Sarkozy, it has a Frist, Harrison Frist. Harrison is the son of ex. Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist. Such a small word for the big money boys.

  4. Wenzel, I know you like to psychoanalyze people. Did you know of the ballet thing? Is that true? If so, does Mr. Emanuel have to work that much harder to prove to people you don't mess with him?

  5. He did do the ballet thing, but I don't think that's what drives him. His parents were both hardcore activists and that's what drives him.

    His father, Benjamin M. Emanuel,is a Jerusalem-born pediatrician,who was a member of the militant terrorist Zionist group Irgun.His mother, Marsha Smulevitz, was the daughter of a Chicago union organizer.

    He's following in the family business.

  6. Let's not forget Rham recently met secretly with Muslim Jihadists....of course the 'main stream media' didn't report that...

  7. Wenzel,

    Alex Jones claims Glenn Beck is a CIA operative/plant/disinformationalist.

    Don't know how that factors into his exposes of the Obama admin, unless in fact the CIA has become a "rogue mafia" within the mafia that is trying to take control on it's own.

    CIA people are certainly at least as well-connected and intertwined in government and corporate business as anyone else in this country. Not to mention they're running the drugs.

  8. Taylor,

    Don't take everything Alex Jones says as gospel, for the love of God.

  9. Jr Deputy Accountant,

    I can see how you might have been confused by what I wrote and thought I meant, "and I agree with him."

    I merely was stating a fact-- that Alex Jones thinks GB is a false-flagger -- and enterting it into the discussion to see what kind of response that generated. So far, none.

    I'm skeptical, too. I think GB is just a showman and a self-promoter. As is Alex Jones (aside from all the great exposeeing he's done).

    Who knows, maybe Alex Jones is the CIA plant...

  10. Beck to Caddell:

    "You keep us posted ... I will air this story to my LAST breath!"

    Careful there, GB. 0bama may just accomplish that with a "Fairness Doctrine" revival, by whatever name he may call it.

  11. The Communist Party, Gramsci and the Frankfurt school, have succeeded in taking over our country from within. We are seeing the destruction of the USA in progress.