Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Great Confusion

Michael Moore will soon be out with a new movie, Capitalism-A Love Story, where he confuses the Goldman Sachs rape of America with capitalism.

Note to Moore: It's not capitalism. It's Goldman Sachs capturing government. If Congress didn't get involved, the rape wouldn't have happened. Big government simply leads to bad things. All the Goldman money went through the government machine.


  1. It's not confusion Bob. Moore isn't making a naive mistake. He knows the government role as well as anyone. This is deliberate misinformation. To admit that Goldman is a creature of government would be to invalidate Moore's democratic socialist program. The naivete is the belief that government provision and control is or can be egalitarian. Moore is really saying "down with Goldman!, but let a hundred Goldmans replace them."

  2. But Americans under the age of 40 can't remember when capitalism didn't mean crony capitalism. I'm beginning to forget the old America where not everything was a scam.