Thursday, August 13, 2009

It Pays to be a Keynesian

Paul Krugman just bought a three-bedroom apartment in the Riverside Drive section of New York City.

He and his yoga instructor wife paid $1.7 million for the co-op.

Apparently, Bob Murphy's critiques are getting to Krugman since he told New Yorker he wants to put one of Murphy's beds in his at home office. Does the man honestly believe if he sleeps like Murphy, he will begin to think like Murphy?


  1. In addition to "Murphy beds," there is also a "Murphy pole." When I started working for a grocery store in high school, my direct boss was a guy in his mid-20s and he told me to grab the "Murphy pole."

    I thought he was pulling my leg so I ended up betting him lunch. A guy from another department was walking by and my boss goes, "Hey Jim, what's that thing right there?"

    And Jim said, "You mean the Murphy pole?"

  2. Are you suggesting that Krugman needs a Murphy pole?

  3. You're just jealous of Mr. Krugman.
    Class warfare, plain and simple.
    The man wins a Nobel and wants to use his money as he sees fit.Rather than redistribute it to some poor schmuck who might blow it on health insurance, or grant it to the government to help lower unemployment, he has purchased a modest home to suit his needs.
    The Feds would have hired another Postmaster and then run a surplus- Mr. Krugman is wise enough to see this problem! Can't you?

    Instead, I am sure he hired very few people- movers, interior designer, painters, maybe a carpenter, a real estate agent, a loan officer, a cleaner, and maybe bought a few light fixtures, furniture, and so-called "art"

    Just because the government can stay irrational longer than you can stay liquid doesn't mean Mr. Krugman must join your fate.
    A decent cheerleader with a PhD AND a Nobel are hard to find. Mr. Hayek would attest to that.