Monday, August 10, 2009

More From the ASA Radical Left Panel

The recession seems to be having an impact in money raising efforts for the radical left. All the panelists said their revenues were down. Perhaps this is why ACORN's Steve Kest and National People's Action Network's George Goehl are talking about becoming more militant.
Gabe Gonzales of the Center for Community Change said the best recruits for "community action groups" used to be Seminarians. "Now, it's sociologists and anthropologists," he said.

He then told the audience of mostly sociology professors, "So keep an eye out for any students that seem to be interested in community activism."

After the panel discussion I privateky pushed ACORN director Steve Kest, in my usual charming manner, on how tight he was with Obama. He wouldn't give me much. I asked him if he had been to the White House? He danced around the question. I asked him if Obama would recognize him if he was walking down the street. His non-answer was, "Well, Obama meets a lot of people these days." I asked him if Obama would take his call any time he called. That one he answered, "Of course, not."

Kest was very positive on joint union-ACORN activities as a great recruiting tool for ACORN.

He mentioned some joint partnership they are doing with the Teachers Association in New York state, where ACORN is able in conjunction with the teachers to get parents to protest in Albany. He also said they are now getting some ACORN dues out of the Teacher Association paychecks.

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  1. Hah, "sociologists and anthropologists" as street thugs? Let's just hit them with our Uncle-Scrooge style money bags (which every evil capitalist always carries around with him).

    I suppose the sociologists and anthropologists will be given the task of convincing the local gangs of who they should attack and when.

    I wonder when the counter-movement comes, and people start calling leftists "goddamn commies" again....