Monday, August 17, 2009

Northwood University Lands Richard Ebeling

Dr. Richard Ebeling has joined the economics faculty of Northwood University and will begin teaching in the fall term 2009. The announcement was made by Dr. Keith Pretty, president and CEO of Northwood University.

Ebeling's career has been a rich one, including much travel to eastern Europe as the communist controlled Soviet Union was in the process of collapsing

In 1990-1991, Ebeling frequently traveled to the former Soviet Union consulting with the government of Lithuania and with members of the Russian Parliament and the city of Moscow on free-market reform and privatization of the socialist economy. In January 1991 he witnessed firsthand the Soviet military crackdown in Vilnius, Lithuania, during which 13 people were killed. While in Moscow in August 1991 he joined the defenders of freedom and democracy at the barricades surrounding the Russian Parliament during the failed Soviet hard-line Communist coup attempt.

In October 1996, Ebeling traveled to Moscow, once again, this time uncovering the "lost papers" of the famous Austrian economist and leading advocate of free enterprise, Ludwig von Mises. Looted by the Nazis from his Vienna apartment in 1938, Mises' papers were captured by the Soviet Army at the end of the Second World War. Ebeling was able to obtain photocopies of virtually the entire collection of documents numbering about 10,000 items, which had been kept in a formerly secret KGB archive in Moscow for 50 years.

He has been supervising the translation and editing of a large number of these papers for a three-volume Selected Writings of Ludwig von Mises published by Liberty Fund of Indianapolis, with the last of the three volumes scheduled to appear in 2010.

Ebeling's book, Political Economy, Public Policy, and Monetary Economics: Ludwig von Mises and the Austrian Tradition, will be published by Routledge in December 2009. He is presently finishing an intellectual biography of Ludwig von Mises that will be published by Continuum Books in 2010.

With Ebeling joining the Northwood faculty, Northwood must be considered a "go to" destination for students considering studying Austrian economics.

Private, nonprofit and accredited, Northwood University specializes in managerial and entrepreneurial education. The University states that it "is committed to the most personal attention to prepare students for success in their careers and in their communities; it promotes critical thinking skills and personal effectiveness, and the importance of ethics, individual freedom and responsibility."

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