Monday, August 17, 2009

On Dropping the ‘Public Option’

There appears to be some hints out of the Obama Administration that they may drop the ‘Public Option’.

The problem with this is that the entire plan is a 'Public Option', as far as I am concerned. When you have to buy insurance by law, when it will be some panel that determines what is and isn't in the insurance plan, there is nothing private at all about this.

Even if the so-called 'Public Option' is replaced by some type of Co-Op plan, you still have to watch the wording on how the Co-Ops are control.

'Public Option' or Co-Op, bottom line, this plan is still all about heavy duty government regulation of healthcare--nothing has changed as far as that is concerned.

Mussolini could have made a hell of a mess with either proposal.


  1. The dropping of the public option shows that this adminsitration is tone deaf on the public's concerns over reform. Even the most simple minded of protesters has a grasp of the loss of personal freedom that the regulatory scheme being proposed will bring about. To think that dropping the public option will placate those opposed to this abomination would be amusing if I didn't have to live with the results.

  2. Wenzel,

    G. Edward Griffin claims this is a typical tactic of radicals-- start with an extreme proposal that you know will cause an emotional reaction, "compromise" on it with a middle-ground measure that is less radical but still essentially in your favor and then later sneak the radical proposals in right before the bill is passed or as a rider on a future, unrelated bill.

    In other words, this thing ain't dead yet, so we gotta keep stabbin' it.