Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Peter Schiff Unbound

I just came across this interview of Peter Schiff by Robert Ringer. Ringer is a long-time free market advocate, who has a number of best selling free market books to his credit.

This interview is 45 minutes long which in and of itself makes it unique. Usually Schiff clips are just a few minutes and he is battling some clueless soul, with an anchor who eats up even more of the time.

In this interview, you get a much more detailed sense for Schiff's thinking on a wide variety of topics. What's best is that because Ringer is a fellow traveler, Ringer doesn't interrupt with inane questions. Schiff is free to provide extended thoughts. The first few minutes contain Schiff's usual investment spiel, which you have probably heard in a dozen clips, after that the interview really picks up into new areas. The interview is here.

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