Thursday, August 20, 2009

Watch the New York Times Whitewash the News

This is quite remarkable.

NYT has a front page story on Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke. It discusses his many supporters including other central bankers and "fellow economists who are heaping praise."

It does note that he has critics:
On the political front, Mr. Bernanke is trying to defend the Fed’s power and independence as the White House and Congress debate plans to overhaul the system
of financial regulation.
NYT then sites, of all people, Senator Chris Dodd.

Of course, the number one congressional critic of Bernanke and the Fed is Congressman Ron Paul. His "Audit the Fed" Bill, while there may be tactical questions about what the result of passage of bill would be, is clearly representative of an anti-Fed sentiment in the populous. Paul's bill is gaining bi-partisan support.

How does NYT treat this phenomena, in an article discussing pro and anti Bernanke stances? It ignores Paul and his proposed legislation completely.

Which is quite a reflection, not on Paul, but how NYT "manages" the news, when it so chooses.

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