Wednesday, September 16, 2009

About the Coming Flu Season

I have no expertise or special knowledge about medicine. However, I am not what you would call an early adopter, whether it comes to cellphones, new software programs or new medical techniques. I let things settle in before I jump on board.

Thus, I will not be taking the series(?) of flu vaccines that the government seems very interested in stabbing everyone with.

Without commentary from me, here's health journalist Bill Sardi's warnings about the flu vaccinations.


  1. One could call such caution medical free riding. You're abstaining from immediate action and gathering information without cost by observing the effects of the vaccine upon others. And who said free riding is is a problem.

  2. I encourage anybody that's interested in specifics about flu to look at this:

    It points out that influenza and colds are distinctly different deseases, both the pathogens and the means of contracting. It also points out that much of the hand washing and hygiene being promoted as flu prevention is of minimal value (but it does help with cold prevention).

    This hasn't gotten much traction with the medical community, mainly (in my opinion) because it hasn't been presented by MDs, or the MD's favorite government agency (i.e., the FDA). It's been my experience that in the medical community, if you aren't a medical doctor, then your opinion, no matter how logical or scientific, doesn't mean anything.

    I guarantee after reading this, you'll think differently about using the toilet.

  3. I'm just remembering the stories about flu vaccinations in the 1970s (for swine flu!) killing or maiming thousands of people.

    I'll take my risks with the flu rather than the vaccine.