Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Ashley's Mom On the Latest Spitz Rumors

Yesterday, NyPo reported that Eliot Spitzer has been engaged in informal discussions with friends about the possibility of running for state comptroller, or for US Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand's seat.

Spitzer left his New York governor's position after being exposed (probably by Wall Street operatives who were being harassed by Spitzer) as a crazed hooker addict.

Now the mother of one the escorts speaks out after news has leaked that Spitzer is considering a run for office.

Below a photo of Ashley with her Mom, at the beach in July 2008.

NyPo reports:

The mother of the high-priced hooker who famously serviced Eliot Spitzer was stunned yesterday to learn the disgraced pol is mulling a run for office less than two years after the sordid sex scandal...

"Only in America," Ashley Dupre's mom, Carolyn Capalbo, told The Post.

While Spitzer is discussing the possibility of a run next year, Dupre -- who was 22 when the self-described "steamroller" of Albany paid to play with her -- is struggling to get back on her feet, said Capalbo...

Capalbo said her daughter had turned down lucrative offers to make a buck off of the scandal, including posing for nudie mags...

"The woman always ends up the filthy, marked whore and he ends up coming back the savior of politics," said a disgusted pal of Dupre. "I feel bad for her. She's the one who paid the price for it."...

A giddy-looking Spitzer, leaving his Fifth Avenue home yesterday morning, told a Post photographer, "The only thing I'm running for is my cab."

He denied to NY1 that he was running for office.

However, several sources said Spitzer has been having conversations with friends about running for office next year. Several sources said he'd love his old job back as state attorney general, but it's considered too tough a political lift.

"He's looked at everything," said one source.

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  1. Few Hookers are as immoral as most politicians.