Tuesday, September 29, 2009

China's Huge Nigerian Oil Play

China continues to liquidate parts of its dollar position with major assets purchases.

A Chinese state-owned oil company is in talks with Nigeria to buy large stakes in some of the world’s richest oil blocs in a deal that would China control over one-sixth of Nigeria's oil reserves.


  1. The Chinese play 'Go' while the US and 'Ziggy' play Chess. Sadly for th latter 2, he World is a 'Go' Board and CHINA'S KICKIN' OBAMA'S BUTT!

    We go to Resource-Rich Non-White nations and PILLAGE, RAPE, LOOT and STEAL. We destabilize their governments GENOCIDE their people using paid-off surrogates or US Contractors. Then we call their angry people TERRORISTS.

    Go, China! MAKE them stop you! And don't back down! Go fo 1/3 of Nigeria's Oil & CALL BRAZIL for some! Like 1/4th.! US Wealthy Old WhiTeboys MUST LEARN A LESSON THE HARD WAY; MAKE 'EM WEEP & WHINE!

  2. Amen.

    And d'you know what's funny? I really don't know that they're actually paying attention.

    Here's a US Navy wargame report where participants (fom several countries) mention how nice the chinese were when they popped round for tea, but the game-masters' conclusions focus really only on keeping sealanes ('SLOC') open..

    Another curious one is this "global capital flows" war-game-like simulation exercise held by the pentagon: China came out on top, much to the surprise of the cold warriors who were trying to tie down russia..