Thursday, September 17, 2009

Economics Blogs as the Best Graduate Seminar Ever Invented

Reuter's Felix Salmon tells Marion Maneker:
"It’s a known fact...that Larry Summers reads a lot of blogs."
Maneker continues
If that sort of audience is what he’s after, I ask [Salmon], why not become a regular on CNBC? "Because Larry Summers doesn’t watch CNBC and say,'‘Oh my God, that’s interesting, I should actually think about that when conducting economic policy.’ CNBC is people shouting at each other. If we were to get into a screaming match about health care reform, it doesn’t matter how smart we are, we’re not going to be shedding any light. Whereas the blogosphere is really good at drilling down very quickly to the nub of the question. People talk about it like it’s the best graduate seminar ever invented."

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