Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Escort: "If Spitzer Runs, I Am Going to Run Against Him"

Kristin Davis, another escort who serviced Eliot Spitzer (As opposed to world famous Audrey Dupre), is out with her own comments on rumors that Spitzer may attempt a political comeback:

Eliot Spitzer has the bug. For the second time in six months he has been caught planning a come-back. First, he floated a trial balloon for his old job as Attorney General. It was more like a lead balloon. Now he is contemplating a run for the US Senate or New York State Comptroller.

As I told the New York Post yesterday, "if he runs for public office I may have to run myself to focus attention on the multiple illegal acts for which he has not been punished, his abuse of women and the SEXISM in the way he walked away Scot free while I went to Rikers for four months for supplying him with ‘company”.

There is far more to tell about Eliot Spitzer, the ladies and the way he treated them. There is also far more to tell about Spitzer’s relationships with multiple New York Escort services including several of my competitors when I was in the business. I’m sure if he and I both ran these facts would come in during a spirited campaign...Yes indeed, if Eliot spitzer throws his hat in the ring, I may just have to jump in the race myself. After all, how I could I do worse than the clowns we have in Albany now?
I never thought I would look forward to an Eliot Spitzer comeback attempt. This changes things. I have the popcorn ready.

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  1. Dude, this is gonna be awesome!

    I wish she would run even if Spitzer doesn't. And if he stays true to his apparent character, he won't have the balls to own his conduct.